U.W.S. America / United We Stand America

Heart of the Lion – July 2nd 2PM PST / 5PM PST –
Artur Pawlowski, Clara Bose, Jewel Faith, Many More

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Our Launch Episode with a Whole Lotta of a Team with General Flynn, Dr. Mark Sherwood and Pastor Leon Benjamin, Clara Bose on the Piano and many more great leaders on this show.

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Next Online Event: Freedom Friday in America
When: Friday June 14th;
6PM Pacific / 9PM Eastern
Where: Launches here on this Webpage and on our New YouTube Channel

Check out our Pilot Episode Above for our brand new show that has already been called “A Divinely Ordained Call of Leaders”, “Very Powerful”, “So much valuable info”!

U.W.S. America aka. United We Stand America is a non-denominational movement for Americans who Love their Nation and are willing to do their part to ensure that Liberty, Justice and Freedom – Stand Forever Free in America.

We believe that “One Nation Under God”, “In God We Trust” and “We the People” are a Call to Action for every patriotic American to partake in the light of democracy within the Unity of their Republic of the United States of America.

Freedom Rise – United We Stand America’s new Anthem – A First

U.W.S. America Full Gathering – Mt. Shasta – Excellent Music, Guest and Meditation

Below: United We Stand America – California

Below: U.W.S. Gathering – California

U.W.S. America members do our part to help Unite American’s through Prayer, Meetings, Constitutional Study, Business Solutions, Community Networking while supporting both Individual and Collective Action that are constitutionally sound and benefit All Americans.

We are convinced that every American who chooses to participate has gifts and talents that are necessary for the fulfillment of the divine plan for America.  We are here as a community to support you to find and express your gifts and talents and to work with you to help you Self Actualize your projects and community efforts with Unity, Higher Power, and the Divine Plan for America.

‘We The People – United.’